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Artimino, gem of Montalbano

Artimino is a hidden gem, with cobblestone streets, medieval walls, and the famous Medici Villa of Artimino, a Renaissance masterpiece surrounded by vineyards that produce the renowned Carmignano DOCG, a wine of the highest quality. Immersed in a hilly landscape characterized by olive groves, vineyards, and forests, participants in this adventure can enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of the Tuscan countryside and the Arno River, as well as visit small characteristic villages and discover the history of the Barco Mediceo, hunting reserve of the most famous Florentine family and a nature reserve “ante litteram”. This trekking tour is an extraordinary experience that allows you to delve into the historical and gastronomic roots of Tuscany, making it a unique opportunity to explore Montalbano and the village of Artimino. An unforgettable journey through the beauty, taste, and history of this iconic region.

What to bring:
– trekking shoes
– comfortable apparel
– backpack
– water (at least 1 litre per person)
– snack
– cap
– sun cream

Trekking Tour
Technical information:
possibility of choosing various lengths and difficult of routes

To this tour you can add:
– wine tasting or lunch with local products



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